Adult webcams for ps3

16-Nov-2016 11:09

Though initial Play Station Eye software has mostly been based on the same general techniques as the Eye Toy (e.g.

simple edge detection and color tracking, Digimask face mapping), In addition to gaming-oriented uses, Sony has stated that the Play Station Eye will also feature applications for tasks such as interactive communication and content creation (e.g. An AV Chat feature allows for audio-visual chat with anyone on a user's Play Station Network friends list (up to six at once Based on a wand controller, Play Station Move uses the Play Station Eye to track the wand's position in three dimensions through a special illuminated orb at the end.

Now it is up to you to stop the biotechnical infestation before it's too late.

Pilot a prototype cutting-edge Micro Bot that has the capability to be customized and upgraded mid-mission in order to cure the infected host.

Improve your weaponry, movement, defensive options and special attacks using data fragments harvested from eradicated enemies.

Travel through blood, bone, breath and brain as you track down and eradicate the cause of the infection.

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