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During this time Kent was an independent, wealthy kingdom with continental connections.

At first it was a pagan warrior society but in 597 St Augustine was sent by Pope Gregory to bring Christianity to England, and was welcomed in Canterbury by King Ethelbert and his Frankish Queen, Bertha.

While archaeologists have relied on cutting-edge technology such as radiocarbon dating to estimate the age of historical relics, a new study by a pair of Oxford University researchers says that the key to pinpointing the exact dates of ancient artifacts and historical events could be found in tree rings bearing the marks of intense solar storms. D., a strange “red crucifix” appeared in the western skies over Great Britain, according to records in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

Scientists theorize the unusual celestial display could have resulted from a violent solar storm that erupted on the Sun and unleashed a major burst of high-energy radiation that blasted the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

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Kent has a rich array of Anglo- Saxon finds dating from the fifth to the eighth centuries.“Variations in atmospheric radiocarbon concentration are largely the result of carbon dioxide emissions from activity from volcanoes and the ocean, but they are also influenced by changes in solar activity,” explains Oxford University archaeologist Michael Dee, lead author of the study. Such markers can be easily identified in known-age tree-rings and are fixed in time.” According to the researchers, archaeologists have been forced to rely on relatively sparse evidence to date the history of Western civilization before 763 B. In addition to being imprecise, dating archaeological finds by comparing the ratio between two isotopes of the element carbon—slowly decaying carbon-14 and stable carbon-12—in organic materials is expensive. Another potential obstacle is that it’s uncertain just how often intense bursts of solar radiation have struck the Earth.

Paying reverence to ancestors is also an important part of Songkran tradition.… continue reading »

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