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11-Jul-2017 17:04

My buddy Andy’s latest backsaw restoration inspired me to research the #4 I rehabbed last year.

Dating the saw proved to be a woodworker’s game of Clue.

The Keele STar T Back Screening Tool (SBST) (9-item version) is a brief validated tool, designed to screen primary care patients with low back pain for prognostic indicators that are relevant to initial decision making .

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The collection of razor-edged and round rocks the size of softballs and even bowling balls pushes the known date of such tools back by 700,000 years and would suggest that our ancestors were converting them into pounding or cutting tools long before our genus homo appeared.Fortunately, we have some other clues that can help us zero in on a date. That of course assumes that the marketers of the day used updated product illustrations.