Bob schneider dating sandra bullock

07-Feb-2016 20:01

And I was doing Tuesday nights as well at a place called Antone's. I borrow bits and pieces of my life and other peoples' lives, and then I'll just make up the rest and then try to make it rhyme, and then I usually try to make things more dramatic than they actually are. That was a funk band, and that was a regulation funk haircut - short on the sides, ponytail on the back. I'm just playing a couple gigs in Houston tonight and tomorrow. I play every Monday night at the Saxon Pub when I'm at home. He wants that ("I'm good now.") inscribed on there. Actually I did write one song one time called "Orlando" that was autobiographical, but everything else is just made up. I think I was going for a Mike Patton from Faith No More look.

The band independently released three albums before disbanding.

The record, like all my stuff, is just about life in general and the relationships I have to people in the world and the world itself, and the relationship I have with myself. But I don't like to travel with those guys 'cause I don't like the idea of going to jail. They used to have these old f¢cked up mattresses that obviously - hopefully - in my imagination they've been used to have sex on, and who knows what else. That club - I really believe that certain places have energy, and for whatever reason, that Bottleneck has a great sexual, cool f*cking beautiful energy. After meeting that guy I was like, "Well, it's obvious why this guy is as successful as he is." He's just a really talented, nice guy. Still, the greatest game of all time, though, is Legend of Zelda, as far as I'm concerned. They're really fun to hang out with and they're really likeable people, but what they do is pretty dirty business.

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“Everything froze in there and then slowly, over time, thaws out a little bit year by year.” On Sunday, Andrew Harrelson, who now lives in Nome, was fishing with his fiancee and two children in the river.… continue reading »

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