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29-Jun-2017 12:09

Try hitting your guide button on your remote then while in the guide hit your blue button on the remote and that should start updating your guide, wait till it stop and see if your guide is now populated. Is only 2 bucks a month, and helps keep the site going....

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good luck txsgent Anything I discuss on the subject of satellites, is strictly, hypothetical and in theory, and on an educational basis. was having trouble learning and understanding the cw800s receiver, so i did an internet search and found the following article, i think it will be usefull to all who are interested in a good affordable PVR like the captive works 800S. USB menu can do (Stream, Movies, Music, Pictures, Software and others) 7.mepg2 and mpeg1 via USB 10.mp3 How to Timeshift with Captive Works CW-800S - Instructions and Features How to use feature: 1.) TO Time shift press PAUSE button and give it a few seconds to get ahead of real time then press PLAY when you want to watch.