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Paul did advocate eating meat, but he himself supplies us with evidence in his own letters (‘epistles’) dating back to the early decades of the First Century AD (around 50 AD) that others in early Christianity disagreed with him about diet and many other issues.

It turns out that Paul dropped the vegetarian requirement as part of his attempt to make new converts.

They are barely mentioned at all in the New Testament.

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Some of us are lifestyle vegans, others may simply be committed to plant-based nutrition. Well, whatever you label yourself (or don't label yourself), join us and please, spread the word. Finally, please consider making a contribution of any amount to keep our social group up and running! This Meetup group has a "no-flake policy" for both attendees and hosts: if you RSVP and don't show up, you may be removed from the group at the discretion of the host.

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This of course is based on a couple of quotes from the Orthodox New Testament that people are familiar with.

For those not acquainted with Judeo-Christian history and the various collections of writings or scriptures from that period that have survived, at first glance it appears as if Jesus ate fish and that John the Baptist dined on bugs.

Certainly the well-known writings of European Christianity portray it that way. These gospels represent writings used by a religious sect following the Apostle Paul’s Western version of Christianity, which was attempting to recruit followers from around the Roman Empire.

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