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I seen weapons, guns,” he said, apparently referring to things not reported by police about the case.Hamad added he was “defending myself on my own property here.”says Zionism is “the belief that Jews should have their own nation.” It adds that Zionism “is opposed by most Arabs.”Becker did not respond in court or afterward to the Zionism remark.DUIHow do I get my license reinstated after a suspension? If you have any questions about what will happen at a particular court appearance, you may contact a victim/witness advocate at 309-672-6900. An order of protection is a court order issued by a judge to a victim of domestic violence.How do I obtain a driving permit after being convicted of a DUI? It orders a person to stay away from the victim and stop any violence, threats of violence, or any type of harassment.Our law firm has handled numerous Sedgwick disability Appeals and lawsuits throughout the USA.Contact us to discuss your options if your Sedgwick short term or long term disability claim has been denied.

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One that keeps them from being able to play fair when they feel backed into a corner.

Becker said he asked the younger Hamad if he wanted to testify. Early in the hearing, there was discussion regarding what attorney would represent Hamad.