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"Zooey Deschanel's sweet, vapid stare and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's earnest mumble are cute enough," writes James, "but the ultimate message of the movie is, 'We can have fun at IKEA, but you ain't the one for me.' Which is exactly what my lady and I thought as we looked at each other." Bummer, James.on their third date because he thought it would be a great conversation piece.

Born on March 15, 1943, in Toronto, Canada, Cronenberg was the son of a freelance journalist and a piano teacher. Their romance didn’t last – they often don’t in these situations – but they were still ostensibly together when Goldblum secured the role of Seth Brundle in David Cronenberg’s remake of .The actor suggested Davis read for the part of Veronica Quaife, the journalist who falls for the tragic Brundle before he enters his telepod with an unexpected companion."By the time the psychedelic shrunken elderly people crawled out of that paper bag she was sobbing her eyes out." While a couple can survive is about the seedy underbelly of a seemingly normal town; since Lynch's notoriously labyrinthine plots are so hard to summarize I'll just mention that there's a severed ear involved.

Reader John tells this harrowing tale: Sophomore year I had a crush on a born again Christian who was extremely sheltered. To my embarrassment and horror what unfolded on the screen was an unsettling cinematic vision that included twin gynecologists sharing unsuspecting women, a love interest that turns out to be a trifurcate (don't ask), clinical depression, prescription drug abuse, delusions about "mutant women" with abnormal genitalia and a set of bizarre gynecological instruments.

David Cronenberg Love, even if it lasts one day or five years, it is still love. He said: look me in the eye, what’s the matter with you, you are such a beautiful woman, why are you alone for so long. I like Jung, it is a matter of psychological profile, I think.