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That being said you might want to consider adding a few Victory models to your USGI collection.While the information I provide below can be helpful please see the list on the bottom of this page for reference material you should have if you are going to collect these historical pieces .According to published sources, 77,155 Model 2 Army revolvers were made. Basically the same as the first type, the extra grip retaining pin was dropped. The tiny number dies used since the beginning of production on the 1st Model 1st Issue, were abandoned and number dies about twice as large were substituted. Storrs, NYC.) The day books for this period also show 10 with 4 "' barrels shipped to N. It is easy to imagine that this would have caused a problem with the swelled head of a fired cartridge case catching on the lower portion of the recoil surface.To date, the serial numbers on observed specimens have not substantiated this figure, 76,642 being the highest number noted. This first type has a two pin frame and a second grip retaining pin at the top of the rear strap. This group is about equally divided between 5 & 6 inch barrel lengths and about a quarter of the recorded specimens are nickel plated. Recorded serial range 3109 - 10121 The very noticeable change in this type is the addition of third pin to the top strap to limit the travel of the cylinder stop. Most of the specimens observed in this group had 6" barrels, although there were some 5 ", two 4" and one 8" (#15702, sold Dec. The majority of the #2's with oriental markings fall in this group. Recorded serial range 53565 - 60120 Mechanically the same as the last type, the only change in this is the barrel mark.

More likely than not, you will see a stylized owl staring back at you from the black plastic. for display at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. (700.2 g) This is one of nine revolvers custom-decorated by Tiffany & Co. It also gives us an opportunity to share experiences and make new friends.

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The frustration is in the difficulty of securing enough data to make positive conclusions.

The enamel work on the grip, which is distinguished by subtle, sophisticated tonal gradations, is among the finest ever produced by the firm.