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Since the first Encyclopedia became required reading for all cutlery collectors 12 years ago, John and Charlotte Goins have been deluged with ever more questions, queries, and bits of information on old firms and markings.Increasingly, collectors have wondered if and when there might be an update to that knife collector's "bible." Friends, the answer is yes, and that day is finally here.ALCOA sought the expertise of the finest cutlery manufacturers in the U. at the time, Case Cutlery in Bradford, Pa., to manufacture the new cutlery line. was completed in 1949 and the first set of cutlery was shipped to New Kensington, Pa. It was a joint venture that created a new ALCOA company called Alcas Cutlery (AL of ALCOA and the CAS from Case). The company, located along the Allegheny foothills in Olean, N.Y., can trace its roots back to skilled cutlers who settled in the area after immigrating from England's famous Sheffield cutlery industry in the late 1800s.Two spinning wheels paid dues to the lord in the 14th century.These spinning wheels were mills built on the river that drove stone millstones used by blacksmiths to hone the blades.

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The latest edition of the most complete guide to knife and cutlery markings available - the knife collector's "bible." BOOK REVIEW reviewed by Knife World staff Goins' Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition is probably the most talked about, eagerly awaited book in recent memory.The capuchadou was used for everything: cutting foliage for conversion into sticks to control the herds, making baskets, defence against wolves, slicing bread, piercing the gut of cows to prevent swelling through over-eating of undesired grass. The first cutlery-maker was the Coutellerie Moulin, quickly followed by the Coutellerie Glaize.