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18-Jul-2016 07:09

A spokesman for the People's Mujahideen of Iran (Mujahedin e Khalq, MEK), told Reuters that the shelling had caused several casualties without indicating a number.Several caravans in the camp were set on fire, according to Shahriar Kia.Despite all assurances and guarantees given by the United States officials and the United Nations regarding the protection of the residents, none have been fulfilled to date.Even the minimum means of protection that were promised by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Beth Jones to the Mojahedin leadership were not implemented by the Iraqi government. The closure of Camp Bucca, a sprawling prison complex in Iraq's southern desert near Kuwait, was agreed to under the bilateral security pact signed last year obliging U. forces to wind down their massive detention program in Iraq. inmates have been released and 1,360 were transferred to the Iraqi government. Bucca opened in the wake of the Abu Ghraib scandal in 2004, when pictures of U. soldiers abusing and sexually humiliating detainees at the west Baghdad prison shocked the world and helped fuel an vicious insurgency. policy of detaining suspects without trial has been a major point of anger among Iraqis, especially Sunni Arabs who made up some 80 percent of the inmates.The number of detainees dwindled before the camp's formal closure at a.m. "As a result of the great working relationship between the government of Iraq and Task Force 134, I'm pleased to say the Camp Bucca detention facility is now closed," said Brigadier General David Quantock, commander of U. Although the casualty count could not be immediately verified, Iraqi police confirmed that at least 16 rockets had rained down on Camp Liberty, a facility the Iraqi government has used since 2012 to house more than 2,000 members of the Iranian opposition group known as the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, or MEK. high commissioner for refugees, sharply condemned the attack and said the agency was still trying to determine the number of casualties and the damage to the camp.“This is a most deplorable act,” Mr. “Every effort must continue to be made for the injured and to identify and bring to account those responsible.”Secretary of State John F. The representative said Iranian-made Falagh missiles were among the rockets that hit the camp. military protection for years but were handed over to the Iraqi government when President Obama withdrew American troops in 2011. No one claimed responsibility, but MEK leaders, who have powerful advocates in Washington and in several European capitals, were quick to pin ultimate blame on the Iranian government and claimed that Tehran-backed leaders in Baghdad willingly allowed the attack to occur. On Wednesday, German officials announced the arrest of a 31-year-old Iranian man suspected of spying for the Iranian government on MEK members living in Germany. and international community must demand accountability.”Turbulent history The MEK has a long and turbulent history with Washington. There have been repeated reports that Iraqi authorities — seeking to win the support of Iran — have turned a blind eye to attacks that have killed dozens of unarmed MEK members.

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