Dont feel like dating after breakup

07-Jan-2017 20:45

But since then I’ve become too rational and experienced – nobody can fascinate me anymore. Well, if you have it – I am still waiting to see any evidence of that.

Here are the most common reasons why we experience extended periods of no spark.

But what’s important now is to understand how to love again and get back on your feet.

You didn’t stop walking just because you fell down as a child, did you?

What I find particularly interesting is that while the minority will avoid dating and attempting to forge connections with other people while they are hurting/rebuilding, the majority of people I come across are eager to restart even if it is patently clear that they are not over their ex or are just not emotionally ready to date.

This is why there are so many casual relationships masquerading as full on relationships: Because too many people don’t want to do the emotional work and take enough time to heal from previous relationships and/or get themselves emotionally ready.

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I even began to think I’ll never fall in love again. It was something that happened when I was younger and easily charmed. And my first crush after this drought was a guy I only saw one time, in a play. I know that it gets harder when you have little chance to meet new people, but – if that was the defining factor then everyone in big crowded cities would find it easy to meet great partners.Of course, in one or even both of you feeling this way, your relationship will lack the landmarks of a healthy relationship.People who avoid doing the emotional work assume that if someone is that special, they will get over their ex or their problems will magically disappear.Learn to deal with the losses and cherish the happy experiences, and learn from your experiences. A break up is like a doorway into another relationship.

Don’t give up on love because of a broken heart or because you think it’ll cause you pain. How long it takes you to open that door is up to you. Almost all the time, many lovers who endure bad relationships and failed romances give up on ever finding true love.

You meet a lot of people, but there is never a spark.