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, Berkley will play the mother of Horatio’s recently discovered son (Kyle).She had a fling with Horatio for a few months while she was working as a military nurse, before moving away without disclosing to Horatio that she was pregnant. Her green eyes and unique personality are her special features. Procter worked for a lot of TV episodes like, Renegade, Platypus Man, Friends, Just Shoot Me and many more. She is a 47 years old lady with an average height of 5 ft 3 inch (160 cm) and 57 kg body weight. Relationship to Dating Procter has a relationship with Paul Bryan from last eight years. They both have a cute, little daughter named Philippa Frances (called “pippa”). She played her first recurring role for a TV show “The west Wing”.Many are huge fans of Delko, who has been a main character on the series since the very first episode in 2002.We're now left wondering if Rodriguez is leaving the show over poor contract negotiations.Although TV Guide was the first to break the story on Wednesday about his departure, Rodriguez’s chatty costar Emily Procter (who plays love interest Calleigh Duquesne on the show) hinted that Rodriguez might be leaving Miami on Monday during a televised interview with E News! Asked about the couple’s (Eric and Calleigh’s) future, Procter held back laughter as she said: “I think my romance is in jeopardy.

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) and lay wounded in the Miami marsh while his team searched for him.

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