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More than any other issue, the ethics of tobacco advertising -- both morally and legally -- have divided the advertising industry.

The striking print shot of cowboys enjoying a smoke on horseback continued to fuel sales growth. As a commercial icon, he is both reviled and revered.The first set of 3 digit numbers signifies the day of the year.There are 365 days in a year and on leap year there are 366 so you just count the days.By the time the Marlboro Man went national in 1955, sales were at billion, a 3,241% jump over 1954 and light years ahead of pre-cowboy sales, when the brand's U. Over the next decade, Burnett experimented with other manly types -- ball players, race car drivers and rugged guys with tattoos (often friends of the creative team, sporting fake tattoos). Even with the release in 1957 of the first article in Reader's Digest linking lung cancer to smoking, the real men of the Marlboro ads kept ringing up sales ( billion that year), attracting new smokers of both genders.

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In 1964, the company revived the cowboy but this time he was in mythical Marlboro Country.

Then there is a letter of the alphabet and then a number which the number tells you what year it is the same way as the Pall Mall, Doral, and so on does.