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01-Feb-2016 17:26

And now let's focus briefly on your after-work life...Over the past few years, I've had occasion to experience the online dating skills of a lot of folks at several sites. Don't write lousy titles on your ad or in your intro emails.

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Extolling your virtues and accomplishments can sound arrogant. Do describe yourself and your age truthfully, and eliminate anyone who does any of the dont's above. Our service can be tailored for team building, allowing new employees to meet management, networking for conference delegates or clients to meet suppliers to name a few examples.We can provide a choice of suitable venues across London (and outside) perfect for speed dating and suited to any specific requirements. We can arrange any food and beverage requests directly with the venues plus produce branded items to customise your event.) work, it helps to make a decent first impression. INTERNET DATING TIPS FOR GUYS: Don't begin your ad with "I am a nice guy..." Why not? Guys who are actually nice don't find this quality noteworthy. Headlines that include "Mmm Hi" "Hi there" or "Hi :)" do not paint the product in a favorable light. Do post a good looking picture of yourself, the best you can find. Headlines like "Wanna try something new and playful?

Don't say "I am not like everyone else..." Get over yourself. Do post a picture of yourself holding a baby sheep. " or "Big is best" are better suited for a porn site. If you would like to discuss how we can help you organise your corporate speed dating or speed networking event please get in touch.