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) I recently watched the anime, nothing impressive but it felt nostalgic :) Now I found some on steam and currently playing honiepop, quite a fun one : D which is a puzzlegame with dating sim elements : D have any of you played any? And I love mayumi (i still need to play her route tho i only played the regular one thnx to a fellow mfc mrmber who gave me his code from Mangagamers) i just am no good with patches and such installing it myself I dislike visual novels. Also meine liebe with a guide as no translation was made. but i played in japanese and guessing x D Honestly i wish there were more games like this for emulators or pc. Played some game with samurai thing but found out very fast it was also a Vnovel Dating sim is a real fun but very hard to find something that isnt a Vnovel and dont even hope for english x DI know, I just wanted to add it in case anyone else wanted some non-eroges ^_^ Do dating sims often incorporate more game-like aspects? reading text with the characters on screen reacting and making decisions to try to get the outcome you want. I'm asexual so I don't really like sex scenes, and I once caught my ex fapping to Fate/Stay Night and that kind of traumatised me ;_; Yes they do, you do make choices but those are usually questions about their personal info which youre supposed to remember.… continue reading »

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