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What sets this game apart from other titles in the dating sim genre is that Cyberpunk Casanova is a thriller set in a dark future, where your choices can lead to money, romance, danger and even death.The “Casanova” in the game is main character Enzo, who comes from a background of wealth.She told 337 magazine, “Just get it in your head that what you put in your body is what you will get out of it. If you want your car to last years, you have to put in the proper maintenance to sustain it.

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Jessica decided to compete at the age of 47 as part of completing her bucket list that she made after she discovered a tumor that threatened her with facial paralysis.

“We are striving to create a different take on a niche genre that many people can enjoy.

The talented people who help create this game need to be compensated for their contributions and up until this point this entire project has been funded out of our own pockets.”Currently in development, Cyberpunk Casanova is a visual novel dating sim.

But due to his playboy lifestyle, his parents give him an ultimatum; either join their corporation in 30 days, or be expunged completely from the family records.

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In between those 30 days, he meets a colorful cast of women, who put him in perilous situations.The idea for Cyberpunk Casanova was created by Derek Scott of Patchwork Villain, who originally envisioned the story as a web comic.