Flash xml updating

15-Jun-2016 00:57

You will also need u Blox u-center software for updating the firmware. First you have to connect to the GPS module by choosing the correct port and baudrate.For more information on how to do this and how to configure the see this post. You can do this by opening Messages window, navigating to UBX - Firmware Update A firmware update window will appear.A common problem I face when using new programming languages inside a familiar programming environment such as Flash is that I am overwhelmed by the new syntax and creative workarounds that help both languages communicate with each other. If you are in the same category as me, this tutorial was designed with you in mind.If you aren't in the same category...well, you will probably still like this tutorial!Upon successfully installing the new version of the application, the application launches.If the runtime cannot successfully install the new version (for example, if its application ID does not match the existing version), the AIR installer presents an error message to the user, and then the old version relaunches.

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If this is your first time trying to create something using XML in Flash, I believe it is better for you to build your confidence and create a simple, working example and then modify that example with increasingly complex features that make your work more presentable.

If your GPS module is connected using serial interface you should tick the Send Training sequence in order for the computer to detect the bootloader.