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05-Apr-2016 09:07

Jashua Tremblay, 34, pleaded guilty to charges of luring to facilitate child pornography and luring for sexual contact, and sexual interference.

Court heard Tuesday that Tremblay had first made contact with the girl online when she was 13-years-old in 2012, and the two talked for more than a year.

Residents living south of Thickwood Boulevard between Real Martin Drive and Thicket Drive in the Ross Haven neighbourhood, west of the Athabasca River, are told to be ready to leave with 30 minutes notice. People begin to flee to oilsands camps in the north and other communities in the south on Highway 63, the only major road through Fort Mc Murray. Tuesday Officials report significant fire damage in Beacon Hill, and “light” damage in Abasand, Dickinsfield, Wood Buffalo and Waterways. Tuesday An evacuation centre opens at Edmonton’s Northlands Expo Centre. Wednesday, May 4 The fire has destroyed homes in Beacon Hill, Waterways and Abasand.

About 80 per cent of homes in Beacon Hill are razed, the municipality estimates.

Eventually, he had her share sexual images with him online.

If your profile says "isn't looking for a relationship or any kind of commitment I will definitely not reply to you.Her father later found a letter Tremblay had sent to her, and he contacted Tremblay, who had claimed to be 19-years-old, and Tremblay said he would stop contacting the girl.Later on, he flew back to Ireland to meet with the girl again; he was there for 10 days.In order to continue, you will need to use a more modern Internet browser or update the settings on your current browser to be compatible with TLS 1.2.

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Alberta Forestry’s wildfire experts are at the mercy of the weather when forest fires burn out of control.

I do not say this because I am a player, but rather because I want to spend time with a girl who is not necessarily a picky *****. I am a 20 year old Industrial Instrumentation Engineering Technologist working in Fort Mc Murray and am sick and tired of the male to female ratio here, the extremely cold weather, and the "keeping up with the Jones'" mentality that people up North have here, I work for Suncor since mid February of 2011, and plan on leaving the job and city by August, or September. The dating scene here is crucial though as I hear that women are generally cold, and men are generally lazy in their game.