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12-Apr-2017 03:53

Pepsi was originally created and marketed by Caleb Bradham in 1898.

The drink, which he created in his own house, was sold under the name “Brad’s Drink.” He then, seeking a broader audience, changed the name to Pepsi-Cola.

However, ever since I took an interest in design, I’ve observed this rivalry from a new point of view: I constantly compare the design styles of Coca-Cola’s marketing to that of Pepsi.

Unlike with taste, in this game I always see a clear winner.

People responded, and sales of Pepsi-Cola started to grow, convincing him that he should form a company to market the new beverage. At first, he mixed the syrup himself and sold it exclusively through soda fountains.

In 1902, he launched the Pepsi-Cola Company in the back room of his pharmacy, and applied to the U. But soon Caleb recognized that a greater opportunity existed to bottle Pepsi so that people could drink it anywhere. That year, Caleb sold 7,968 gallons of syrup, using the theme line "Exhilarating, Invigorating, Aids Digestion." He also began awarding franchises to bottle Pepsi to independent investors, whose number grew from just two in 1905, in the cities of Charlotte and Durham, North Carolina, to 15 the following year, and 40 by 1907.

Today we’re going to jump into an age old rivalry between the two biggest soft drink companies on the planet and their flagship products: Pepsi and Coca-Cola. We’ll take a look at how both brands have changed over the years and which seems to have the better strategy.

His creation, a unique mixture of kola nut extract, vanilla and rareoils, became so popular his customers named it "Brad's Drink." Caleb decided to rename it "Pepsi-Cola," and advertised his new soft drink.

As a customer, I’ve never been quite able to decide which side I’m on.

The truth is that I like both colas and often go through periods of drinking one exclusively while imagining that I like it better only to try the other and realize that I’ve been missing out.

Pepsi will spend around million on an elaborate advertising and promotional campaign, starring Mr.

Weatherup, in which he declares freshness dating is "a guarantee of quality" that means Diet Pepsi is "at the absolute peak of freshness." The initiative, as consumer-friendly as it sounds, is audacious -- and puzzling.

In fact, I like Fentimans Curiosity Cola better than either Coke or Pepsi, but I digress.