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30-May-2016 16:40

The first online bar, makes talking with people easy and fun.Send drinks to break the ice, favorite profiles, pictures, or like people.The quickest and best way to move up the rankings is to spend a lot of time on the site rating other users pictures and profiles, adding yourself as a fan and asking if you can become a friend, soon though you will have more friend requests than you send out.

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They have been around 13 years and are nothing more than a sexual predator scam website. i tried several times to start new profiles and, within minutes, she was deleting the profiles again... Possible fraud and prostitution might be running rampant here. i have a question if i am locked out of my account in which i am and can not sign in will the site finally delete my account does anybody have a truful answer for me and yes Scrapper one of the head $#*! faggot I had been with this site and app sense it's early stages. I have followed rules and guidelines over the years, helped out new people, brought friends to join the site, and for the most part had fun leveling up although it's designed that you will have to spend money if you want to continue leveling up.Try editing or deleting them manually before deleting the account itself.If you're unsure what happens to your tracks: this can be found mostly in the Terms of Service/Privacy Policy; otherwise you can always contact Fubar and ask personally.It’s a place where people new to online dating can get their feet wet and get some experience with communities, chatting with strangers and finding out what the online world has to offer outside of Facebook, Google, You Tube and Wikipedia. Aside from raising a member's buzz meter, drinks earns a member bonus points.

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My Review I joined the fubar just over a month ago for the purposes of writing a review of the site here; in my review you will find things I liked about the site and things I didn't.

If you are emailing support, make sure you send the URL to your profile.