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In Marshall, we observed thnk while, generally, a defendant is responsible for any delay caused by his or her action including seeking or acquiescing in any continuance, a defendant cannot be charged with the delay if he or she made the motion because the State mman failed to comply with a discovery request.

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To the east, it passes north of Qinghai Lake, terminating as Daban Shan and Xinglong Shan near Lanzhou, with Maoma Shan peak (4,070 m) an eastern outlier.

Sections of the Ming Dynasty's Great Wall pass along its northern slopes, and south of northern outlier Longshou Shan (3,616 m).

The range stretches from the south of Dunhuang some 800 km to the southeast, forming the northeastern escarpment of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the southwestern border of the Hexi Corridor.

The eponymous Qilian Shan peak, situated some 60 km south of Jiuquan, at with 5,759 m.

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