Girls dating hockey players

06-Oct-2016 21:33

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Lady Bessborough, the wife of Governor General of Canada Lord Bessborough donated a championship trophy In 1978 Cookie Cartwright solely organized the Ontario Women's Hockey Association.

She solicited help from several experienced hockey people such as Rhonda Taylor, Bev Mallory, Carl Noble and later on Frank Champion Demers.

"The greatest stride's been made in the acceptance of girls playing the game," says Wickenheiser.

"Any little girl in this country can walk into a hockey rink and no one is going to think twice or look twice.

There's female hockey change rooms in a lot of rinks now. Not only was Wickenheiser a star in women's hockey when the game desperately needed one, she changed perceptions of what women are capable of in sport.

At the Flyers’ first preseason game yesterday, 12 men in orange jackets cleaned the ice—and were booed by the fans.

The first instances of organized women's ice hockey in Canada date back to the 1890s when it is played at the university level.