Gooseberry dating

20-Jul-2017 13:39

In the post-dinner dissection, however, my friend was swift to dismiss any chance of a rerun.The man's crime was to place his Black Berry on the café table as they sat down and then check his email every few minutes.By such small rewards is a middle-aged man’s life cheered along.Also, a tub of gooseberry purée, which allowed me to make a fool of something and reverse the usual trajectory of life. For her, sour is good: she sucks lemon slices, for heaven’s sake.This year we’re spreading the odds a little more in our favour by planting a few under netting.We’re also adding a jostaberry and a worcesterberry.

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In addition, mainstream berries are imported from all over the world to ensure a year-round supply.

The former is a cross between a gooseberry and a blackcurrant.

The one we’ve been growing for a few years has been prolific and trouble-free, and has the best of both parents in its flavour.

The once-in-a-blue-moon sort-through of the chest freezer is a cold-knuckle chore with little to recommend it.

Last weekend, however, I salvaged from the depths two lamb chops and three sausages to go with the scrambled eggs the next day.

That fool was a two-spoons-in-a-bowl kind of pudding and provided the perfect opportunity to enlist her help to plant a couple of new gooseberry bushes Last summer, for the first time in a decade, we were outmanoeuvred by the birds.

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