Handbrake presets not updating accommodating my request

19-May-2016 23:30

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For more information on downloading and installing Hand Brake safely, please read Where to get Hand Brake.On that note, we are also excited to announce the new online Hand Brake Documentation beta, available in English. - Fix issues in the preset loading of the Deinterlace/Decomb Presets. Fixes #442 - Fix an issue where "Normal" Preset was showing as default as well as "Fast".Thanks to updated and new libraries, Hand Brake can support VP9/HEVC video encoding well.Intel Quick Sync accelerates DVD/video conversion speed. Now, Hand Brake comes to 1.0.3 which fixed some bugs on the basis of 1.0.0.Upon opening the video, only 5 minutes has actually encoded. However, some users are experiencing Hand Brake not working errors as mentioned above.

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Downloads are not mirrored on any third-party services, excepting the Linux PPA.

On a custom preset, using x264 with 'advanced' checked for video, HB will get into a state when the advanced tab is shown in the UI, but the advanced tab just says that the videos tab is using an x264 preset.