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01-Apr-2017 23:39

” They were out to prove that height matters in the game of love — and they did. Groups of women chose men as a potential date from behind a two-way mirror.

The short men were described as successful, educated or wealthy while the taller men were given no description. In fact, nothing succeeded in making them prefer the shorter men.

The massage tries to emulate synaesthesia, the neurological condition in…

by Taylor Palmby Recently there has been a lot of talk surrounding consent and sexual assault, but not everyone has the same opinions on what constitutes sexual assault.

So strap yourself in, open the app and get ready to do a serious overhaul.

I never realised there were quite so many different ways that you could get your Tinder or Bumble presence so devastatingly wrong, but apparently there are.

And they must know what they’re talking about, right?

by Caroline Phinney July is the best month for a lot of reasons: It’s Cancer season, rooftops are open for day-drinking and we all get to celebrate Canada Day with the better leader, Justin “Daddy” Trudeau, on July 1.

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I got the better deal out of it and can't really believe that someone so out of my league in many ways is now my husband."I was getting more horrible remarks and other things - people being more physical and taking pictures which I was worried they would put on social media. "But it did push me and gave me the encouragement to continue trying to change attitudes and create the animation." Still in the planning process, the animation will be from Mr Amor's perspective and look at all different kinds of body shaming."It's not just about not being rude to people but asks people to be more inclusive and looks at issues surrounding ableism.I checked statistical data on height in the United States and found that the average height for men is 5 feet 9 inches tall (no, not 6 feet) and for women, 5 feet 4 inches tall.

That’s a five and a half inch difference, leaving plenty of room for stilettos — if you’re both of average height.Last August, Mr Amor appeared in the Worcester News asking people to stop treating him and others with dwarfism as "freak shows".

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