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Fiscal depute Joanne Smith said: “She became uncomfortable with the content and nature of his messages, in particular on December 9 when she woke up to a number of messages sent by him. “At 4.27am she received a message which was extremely sexual in nature and then received a further two messages of a similar nature at 7.52am and 7.59am.“She replied at 8am which aggravated the accused and he replied with a further message of a sexual nature at 8.15am.” Around an hour later Brown sent a further message apologising for his earlier comments – wishing the woman good luck over “what she is hoping to find on Tinder”.My focus is on working collaboratively with you to identify problematic ways of relating, understand how they were learned in the first place, and gain the skills needed to change them.

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People seek psychotherapy for help with dating relationships, marriage, family and peer relationships, and interpersonal issues at work.Relationship difficulties cause people a great deal of distress and unhappiness in their lives.