Htc pro updating

04-Mar-2016 18:39

When software updates are available for your Windows Phone 8, you will be notified on the device that a software update is available.Follow the simple steps to quickly and easily upgrade your device.We've worked hard to ensure the transition from WPtouch Pro 3.x to WPtouch Pro 4.x is as seamless as possible.Child/custom themes that were created in version 3.x will continue to function in version 4.x.Settings, themes, and customizations from previous versions of WPtouch and/or WPtouch Pro are not transferable.Contact Support for assistance with porting customizations to WPtouch Pro 3.

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Shame Disgruntled customer, No updates, most apps not working, No Noughat nor expect, 520$ was a trap, now blue 400$. I have been using it for the last 6 months & I m extremely satisfied. Its a very good deal now I guess for around 21k rupees.