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He was also tipped off about a huge rally at a stadium where Hasidic communities from all over Europe were to discuss what to do about the threat posed by the internet.

Deciding that he might be able to pass, with his hipster/Hasidic curly hair and beard, if he wore a kippah, white shirt and black trousers, he walked up to a house where he was told he could purchase a ticket ("they obviously don't sell them online").

Although not really naturals on the slopes, we had a lovely time regardless, and were hugely grateful to Snowbizz for the opportunity to try something new.

I had a rant about an illicit dating website exploiting International Happiness Day and shared my thoughts on the teacher who taped up their pupils’ mouths.


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When he returned to his east London neighbourhood, he forgot about his head covering and wondered why he was getting a funny look from the man in the cafe when he gave his order for a bacon sandwich.

From our base in Singapore we cover a wide geographic area across the Asia Pacific region.