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My prognosis is “excellent” according to my onc doc. Technical advances in mammography using 3-D digital machines means catching cancer at the earliest possible stage when it’s teeny, very treatable and 100% survivable. If one does not have a faith in God, going through trials by cancer will certain provoke you to faith.

With each new trial my faith grows and I can say honestly that it is well with my soul.

Hell and Back is a 2015 American stop-motion adult animated fantasy comedy film directed by Tom Gianas and Ross Shuman, and written by Gianas, Hugh Sterbakov, and Zeb Wells.

It stars the voices of Nick Swardson, Mila Kunis, Bob Odenkirk, T. Miller, Rob Riggle, Susan Sarandon, and Danny Mc Bride.

After Curt discovers that the bank has foreclosed the carnival, a frustrated Remy heads down to the boat of a fortune-teller named Madame Zonar (Kerri Kenney-Silver), who is in possession of a crying Devil book.

Seeing an opportunity to bring in business, Remy tells his friends that people would come around to see the Devil crying and sets the book up at The Gates of Hell, the park's main ride attraction.

There are moments of anxiety spikes but largely my thoughts are captive and focused.

I typically have a theme song for each cancer and this one is Mercy Me’s “Even If”.

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She is attracted to him, but is aware of her commitment to marry Arvind and feels it would be against the Hindu culture (where love is measured with loyalty, trust, respect, and commitment) to break off her engagement - especially when it seems that Danny may be able to see, reject her, and get involved with a much more attractive ...

At a rundown pier carnival, idealistic promoter Remy (Nick Swardson) is desperate to bring in business.