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21-Mar-2017 23:56

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Tango seems to have about a billion features, and describes itself as the “all-in-one” social networking app.With Tango you can make video calls, text chat, share pictures and videos, play games, and send music to friends.The philosophy behind this unconventional landing place is that chats all begin with the conversation, and in Snapchat, images do the talking.That makes even more sense when you think of how the app treats its photos and videos ephemerally.

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Tango also provides the ability for group chats and calls, a social feature teens are likely to enjoy.Another 21 percent said it depends on the situation.As with any survey, a question this broad inevitably smoothes over nuance—who knows how each respondent interpreted the word "sex," for example, or whether aversions to casualness would soften if there's only a little making out involved. A majority of young people consider random sex morally wrong in some circumstances, and many of them consider it always wrong. The researchers purposefully surveyed more blacks, Hispanics, and Asian and Pacific Islanders than they would for a nationally representative poll; what they found is that sexual mores are different among ethnic minorities on a select number of topics.Most interesting to me is how Ray includes sex workers as legitimate voices in the changing realm of female sexuality.

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The internet itself has changed sex work significantly, but it has also brought more women into the field, many of whom don't think of themselves as "sex workers." If you model fetishy outfits once or twice a year for cash to spend on a new tattoo, are you a sex worker?

) And finally, to the adults reading this to discover what they've been missing: Apologies, but Snapchat will show you things—like what you'd look like as a glasses-wearing chihuahua—that you'll never unsee.