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14-Feb-2016 03:40

In the early colonial years interracial relationships were illegal due to property ownership.As slavery was still in effect, the question, especially within the state of Maryland was whether the children would be black property or white who would be free.Racial acceptance within the country has been determined in part to current interracial dating statistics, both of the relationship itself and of the community’s reaction to the couple.

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Age and generation seem to be cogent factors with younger people and succeeding generations more open than older and preceding ones.Interracial dating has been a hot topic within America since its inception.What was once illegal is now becoming common place among the majority of the population.Of the total sample, 93 percent had never been married, 4 percent were either divorced or widowed, and 3 percent were separated.

Some findings were: (1) attitudes of males varied least on a black man dating a Chicano woman, with Chicano men slightly more agreeable than the other 2 categories; (2) attitudes of females were in fairly close agreement on black men dating Chicano women and Chicano men dating Anglo women; and (3) parental influence was perceived by the students to be more determinative in dating and marriage preferences and practices than significant others and society.The study determined: (1) differences in dating preference attitudes for Black Chicano, and Anglo men regarding women of another race; (2) differences in dating preference attitudes for black, Chicano, and Anglo women regarding men of another race; (3) whether parental influence is perceived by college students to be more determinative in dating and marriage preferences than significant others and society; and (4) whether interracial dating considerations and actual dating practices vary on the basis of the race being dated.