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28-Jun-2016 06:12

With his muscular physique, malevolent glare and a ring costume of nothing but black trunks and shoes, he looked the part of a homicidal henchman from some dark lair of the underworld.

In short, for most of his career, he was incredibly intimidating. Tyson’s 94 second demolition of a terrified Michael Spinks; Frank Bruno walking to the ring as if it were the gallows; or consider that more than half of Tyson’s 44 career knockouts took place in the first round.

Sporting a sneer of contempt, and black eyes that could bore holes into people’s heads, he compiled no fewer than 21 first round knockouts, a tribute, at least in part, to his image as a savage maniac bent on destruction. Sonny Liston: An ex-con, a rumoured leg-breaker for the mob-controlled unions, an associate of Frankie Carbo and Blinky Palermo, Liston had intimidation down to a science.

Joe Frazier was asked once if Duran reminded him of anyone. In addition to his reputation and underworld connections, he sported a massive physique and perhaps the best poker face of all-time. Mike Tyson: Iron Mike’s talent for terrifying his opponents is legendary.

He hoped thereby to impress the court and to intimidate them.

Maybe, my presence here is meant only as a threat, intending to bring those to their senses whom it ought to intimidate.

He spoke Friday to CBS television's 60 Minutes which broadcast the interview Sunday night.

“Probably my biggest example of being intimidated was a ball game we played in 1972, we played the Oakland Raiders and Bob Brown was the right offensive tackle and I was the left defensive tackle — I played one player removed from him. Greene recalled that Greenwood, his longtime teammate who was also a very tough player, was complaining during the game that Brown was whipping his butt.