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Do you think there was anything else you could have done to swing the votes in your favor and keep yourself safe another week?

Ozzy: I think that the shocking thing was how difficult it was to find the Immunity Idols. There were a lot of twists that came about that really changed the shape of the game. Obviously, whenever you play with returning players, there's almost no room for error because everybody's been through the wringer before; they know what to expect, they know how to manipulate people, and they know when to manipulate.The only thing I really could have done was spend more time talking with Brad, Sierra, maybe even Debbie, to try and keep them on my side.But it's so hard to look back on it, because I think that they were just looking out for themselves and their own lives. I mean, we were at like Day 24 and we had to make it to Day 39.On Survivor: Cook Islands, Lusth was originally a member of the Aitutaki (Aitu) tribe, which represented Latinos.

Having no particular alliance with any members, he was seen as a threat.

'I think she's so talented and that she can get back to that place where she was before she got into drugs': The troubled actress - here on April 23 - has long battled her addictions, with her quest to get her career back on track following her latest, sixth, rehab stint captured for her recently wrapped docu-series While the two never really made their romance official, they were pictured together on numerous occasions, cuddling and flirting, as well as fighting, everywhere from the beach to various nightclubs around town.

Vince Vaughn If an ordinary person parks outside another ordinary person's house for a week, it's considered stalking. I don't have security guards, and, for the most part, I enjoy meeting new people. I thought Old School was very different than a lot of the comedies that had come out. I tried to ground him very much in reality and play him very much finding things important to him that are somewhat ridiculous. I always studied classes and trained a lot, you know.… continue reading »

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