Kangta dating

26-Apr-2016 11:47

A man named Choi Kang-Ta (Song Il-Kook) gains powers similar to a God. This action/Thriller series has all i wish to watch which is actions,romance,mystery, Thriller nd suspence.As a child he lost his parents and became adopted by American parents. my best characters are Micheal king he is a very good actor am impressed with his acting.

Kang-Ta learns that four people are responsible for the death of his father. am jst in love wit this man he is very sexy,charismatic,hot nd very handsome. My second pick is vivian she is very beautiful nd sexy she made me fall in love wit her sexy looks. nd also jin bobae which is micheal king love interest i d'nt really lky dis woman she is not very beautiful nd her role is very weak.

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It seems like fans are not the only ones surprised with the sudden announcement. In an episode of his radio show, "Kangta's Starry Night," H. T former vocalist Kangta said he never dreamed the marriage will happen.

Together, the two released their first single "SCANDAL".

Kangta was originally scheduled for his mandatory two-years military service at the beginning of 2008; however, SM Entertainment helped him defer the date so that he could released his fourth album Eternity in March. T.'s lead singer along with the four other members under SM Entertainment.