Kathryn erbe dating

13-Jun-2016 06:38

Law & Order: Criminal Intent star Kathryn Erbe testified today that she got a 'very bad feeling' from the moment she met a fan who is accused of stalking her.

Ms Erbe said she feared for herself and her family's safety after the fan 'infiltrated my life'.

Dating My Mother, according to production notes, “explores the intimate and sometimes tumultuous relationship between a single mother (Erbe) and her gay son (Reilly).

Together they navigate the world of online dating as they search for their versions of ’Mr.

Nagel allegedly tried to get close to the actress by forcibly trying to hug her in a Manhattan location where the TV show was filming a scene.

His family were with him at the time and a security guard ordered him to leave the set.

As Danny navigates dick pics and flakes of Grindr, his mother spends hours on the phone with potential suitors. Courtesy of Frameline/Mike Roma Roma first caught our eye with his hilarious and sensitive web series, “Danny the Manny,” about a gay nanny who discovers his young charge likes to cross dress.

Nagel is also accused of contacting Ms Erbe's 14-year-old daughter professing his love for her and growing increasingly angry over being unfriended by them on Facebook.