Kathy griffin dating steve wozniak

16-Jan-2016 12:56

A lot of people in Silicon Valley either laughed or groaned or both when it became known that Steve Wozniak, the cofounder of Apple Computer, was going to compete on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," debuting this week. Paul Allen, who cofounded Microsoft with Bill Gates, became one of the richest people in the world and then, like Woz, bailed out early.Woz was the brains behind Apple in the early days, the one who did all the hard engineering work while his better-known partner, Steve Jobs, served as the public face of the company. Since then Allen has become a kind of parody of the aimless rich guy.Daily delivered to your inbox But Woz is a different type altogether.He's down to earth and lives a comfortable but pretty much ordinary life. He flies commercial, drives a Prius and shops at the Apple store and pays full price.Griffin took to the stage early on, including her fair share of high school theater productions.After graduation and some junior college, the showbiz hopeful headed to Los Angeles; she studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.This famous funny lady is also a highly recognized advocate for the LGBT community.

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Trace3 proudly presents “The Woz at EVOLVE” – Steve Wozniak on stage at our annual technology and leadership conference in Las Vegas.Turns out he'd not only seen the jokes, he loved them.In fact, Woz turns out to be the nicest, coolest guy you could ever meet. Can you imagine the conversations between the two of them? I usually filter out her voice when she pops on TV. These people haven't been out of their parent's basement for years.

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actually, I'm not sure what she'd be talking about. With a mind like that I'd say he deserves a nice peice of ass. I could handle someone who's just obnoxious, but when they take a situation and say 'what's the most annoying thing I can do here', that's when old Mission of Burma plays in my head..."I feel that I'm closer to real people and real product knowledge if I don't pull strings," he says.

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