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All comments should be submitted within 30 days of the publication of this report, or by May 12, 1975.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Page I - Environmental Assessment Form I-l II - Introduction and Summary Description of the Proposed Action II-l Organization of the Environment Impact Report ■ II-2 Summary of Environmental Impacts and Mitigating Measures II-3 III - Description of the Ambulatory Care Center Purpose and Scope of Project III-l History of Ambulatory Care the the MGH III-l Objectives of the Ambulatory Care Center III-9 Components of the Ambulatory Care Center III-9 Relationship of the ACC to Planning and Objectives and Constraints III-12 Use of the Ambulatory Care Center III-15 Cost and Financing of the ACC III-16 IV - Alternatives to the Proposed Site for the Ambulatory Care Center Overview IV- 1 Option One: No Build/Delayed Option IV-2 Option Two: Alternative Uses for Proposed Site IV-6 Option Three: Alternative Site Selection for the ACC IV- 7 Sites Rejected from Further Consideration IV-9 V - Description of the Environment Environmental Surroundings V-1 Enviornmental Considerations V-6 VI - Environmental Impacts and Mitigating Measures of the Ambulatory Care Center Introduction VI-1 Land Use VI-4 Development Plans VI-7 Zoning VI-11 Transportation VI- 14 TABLE OF CONTENTS (CONTINUED) Page Energy Utilization VI-34 Subsurface Conditions: Geology and Hydrology VI-35 Natural Resources VI-46 Utility Infrastnucture VI-47 Water Quality VI-54 Air Quality VI-60 Noise Level VI-69 Solid Waste • VI-83 Aesthetic Impacts VI-88 Television and Radio Reception VI-99 Historical Impacts VI-100 Pedestrian Level Wind Effects VI-104 Employment VI- 112 Retail Trade VI-114 Economic Effects on Adjoining Land Owners VI-115 Municipal Services VI-117 Relocation VI-118 VII - Design and Performance Criteria to Minimize Harm Introduction Wind Air Quality Views Shadows Noise Level Hydrology/Geology Utilities Vehicular Circulation Parking Truck Service Pedestrian Circulation Transit Accessibility Relocation of Support Facilities Tradeoffs Among Criteria VII-1 VII-3 VII-4 VII-6 Vl I-7 VII-8 VII-9 VII-10 VII-11 VII-29 VII-33 VII-36 VII-40 VII-42 VII-48 Appendices A Letters from the Community B Noise Measurement Techniques C Subsurface Soil Analysis D Comments on the Draft EIR and Responses to those comments A-1 B-1 C-1 D-1 LIST OF TABLES Page III-l Visits to the MGH Campus and Emergency Ward III-3 1964-1974 III-2 MGH Ambulatory Care by Type of Service 1973 III-4 III-3 Visits to Neighborhood Health Centers 1970-1974 III-5 III-4 Estimated Growth in Ambulatory Care Visits 1974-1980 III-IO III-5 Estimated Growth in Total MGH Patients, III-IO Staff, and Visitors III-6 Maximum Daily Physician Visits by Specialty III-15 III-7 Daily MGH Campus Population and Activity V-1 Traffic Volumes in Impact Area V-12 V-2 Measured Ambient Noise Levels V-15 VI-1 Traffic Voliimes in Relation to VI-15 Capacity and Level of Service VI-2 Peak Hour Level of Service, 1975 VI-16 VI-3 Numerical Estimate of Daily Arrivals at MGH by Mode VI-17 VI-4 Percent Estimate of Daily Arrivals at MGH by Mode VI-18 VI-5 Estimate of Total Daily Parking Requirements, 1975 VI-20 VI-6 Use of Parkman and Fruit St.

Please direct your comments, preferably in writing to Ms.

June 30, 1975 NOTICE OF COMMENTS Comments on this draft environmental impact report are encouraged.

Garages VI-21 VI-7 Duration of Stay at Parkman and Fruit St.

Garages VI-21 VI-8 Projected 1980 Conditions on External Streets VI-24 VI-9 Peak Hour Levels of Service, 1980 VI-24 VI-10 Automobile Increase Under 1980 Build VI-25 and No Build Assumptions VI-11 Additional Traffic Burden VI-25 VI-12 Tabulation of Additional Space Needs, 1980 with ACC VI-27 VI-13 Daily Parking Requirements, 19 VI-27 VI-14 MGH Building Foundations and Bearing Materials VI-41 VI-15 1980 MGH Utility Demand Without the ACC VI-52 VI-16 1980 MGH Utility Demands with the ACC VI-52 VI-17 Projected Utility Loads for the ACC VI-53 VI-18 Comparison of 1980 MGH Utility Demands VI-53 VI-19 Inventory of Utility Lines on ACC Site VI-53 VI-20 Mesoscale Analysis: Estimates of Transportation- VI-64 generated Pollutants within the MGH Complex VI-21 Background Conditions for Sulfur Dioxide and Suspended Particulates, 1974 VI-65 VI-22 Impact of Ambulatory Care Center on Air Pollution VI-66 Generation within the MGH Complex VI-2 3 Carbon Monoxide Levels Resulting from Total Traffic VI-67 Flow Adjacent to Sensitive Receptors (PPM) : Typical and Worst Case Meteorological Conditions VI-24 Total Carbon Monoxide Levels at the Proposed VI-68 Ambulatory Care Center Due to Grove and Cambridge Street Traffic (Wind Parallel to the Ambulatory Care Center) LIST OF TABLES (CONTINUED) Page VI-2 5 Noise Level and Relative Loudness of Typical VI-70 Noise VI-26 Estimated Construction Noise and Duration of Construction Phase VI-71 VI-27 Construction Noise Level Impact VI-75 VI-28 Components of MGH Solid Waste, 1970 VI-83 VI-29 Relocation of Activities Now in Moseley and VI-118 Walcott Buildings Appendix B-1 Measured Ambient Noise Levels B-2 Usage Factors of Equipment in Nonresidential Construction B-3 Immediate Abatement Potential of Construction Equipment LIST OF FIGURES Page III-l Certificate of Need Alternative III-2 III-2 Clinics Visits to the MGH III-8 III-3 MGH Ambulatory Care Center III-ll IV-1 Site Constraints and Critical Factors IV-3 IV-2 No Build Alternative IV-4 V-1 Map of Immediate Project Area V-2 V-2 Present Ambient Noise Levels • V-16 VI-1 Existing Land Use Patterns VI-5 VI-2 Area Development Plans VI-8 VI-3 Traffic Impact Area VI-14a VI-4 Map Showing Original Shoreline VI-36 VI-5 Photograph of Original Shoreline VI-37 VI-6 Site Constraints & Critical Factors VI-38 VI-7 Boring Location Plan VI-39 VI-8 Generalized Soil Profile VI-40 VI-9 Contour Plan VI-42 VI-10 Utility Map VI-48 VI-11 Boston Marginal Conduit VI-55 VI-12 Boston Marginal Conduit Outlet to Boston Harbor VI-56 VI-13 Boston Marginal Conduit Outlet to Fruit Street VI-57 VI-14 Construction Noise Levels VI-76 VI-15A Effect of ACC on Bulfinch Courtyard VI-89 VI-15B Effect of ACC on MGH Entrance VI-90 VI-16 Area of View Shaded by ACC VI-94 VI-17 Summer Solstice VI-96 VI-18 Winter Solstice VI-97 VI-19 Yearly Surface Wind Rose VI-105 VI-20 Certificate of Need Alternative VI-107 VI-21 Wind Effects VI-108 VII-1 Scheme A VII-13 VII-2 Scheme Bl VII-14 VII-3 Scheme B2 VII-15 VII-4 Scheme CI VII-16 VII-5 Scheme C2 VII-17 VII-6 Pedestrian Circulation VII-37 VII-7 Bicycle Storage Facility Locations VII-44 VII-8 Oxygen Tank Relocation VII-46 ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT FORM Introduction In accordance with the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (EOEA) guidelines for preparing impact statements.

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