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17-May-2017 13:20

The following table describes the available download options.Downloads the latest service pack that was uploaded to the FTP site.More information about the Global Catalog can be found here. Signature Manager Exchange Edition is using cached Active Directory data Signature Manager Exchange Edition will cache user data from Active Directory for up to 4 hours by default.After this time the cached data will be released and a rebuilt.

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to reflect a name change or new job title, the changes are not instantly visible the next time a signature is appended to a message sent from the user.

The Policy Tester in the Exclaimer console is a good indicator to identify if changes have replicated to the Global Catalog.

This is because tests performed using the Policy Tester are queried directly against the Global Catalog, rather than cached data.

Signature Manager Exchange Edition will query the Global Catalog for the user data specified in Active Directory.

If the changes have not yet replicated this will explain why the old user data is still appended to the signature.

Cause: There could be more than one explanation of this behaviour, as explained below: 1.