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07-Feb-2017 15:52

Has totally reinvented both her sound persona upcoming album new single, “Malibu” (listen here!

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"He actually reminds me a lot of myself when I was 20-years-old and I was living and searching for the dream," Billy Ray tells That, or the measurement of his International Jock thong!

cutie Justin Gaston to Sunday morning church service in Pasadena, California.

Most recently, Gaston was featured as the love interest in teen country superstar Taylor Swift‘s “Love Story” music video.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new guy Miley’s been hanging out with — HOT or NOT?

Miley Cyrus has all but revealed she is dating five-years-her-senior, underwear model Justin Gaston. ”Miley didn’t confirm she is coupled up with the handsome 20-year-old, but when asked if she is allowed to date Justin, she answered in the affirmative.“Yes, but I just think that right now everything is really good so I haven’t been really answering the question much,” Miley said. the way that everything’s worked out and he’s really been a really great friend.”Miley said that in addition to being a “really great Christian guy,” Justin has been there for her when she’s needed him.“He’s gone through stuff and I’ve gone through stuff…

She's a rolemodel for 5-10 year old girls for hells sake. of course if miley dates a 20 yr old he doesnt go to jail but if a regular 15 yr old girl dates a 20 yr old he goes to jail. Earlier today, Paper announced actress, activist, former Disney Channel star, and immensely talented singer as its Summer 2015 cover star after minor roles television series doc and.