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24-May-2017 16:53

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She blushed when someone pointed me out, and offered a flustered apology.I stole quick glances at her while speaking about how I found Islam, and wondered if this would be part of the story of how I found my wife.I’d prefer to be called any of those things than be called nice. To be fair, I was being quite a bit nicer to her than I am to most people.We met a few months ago when the MSA at my university asked me to speak about my experience as a convert during their Islamic Awareness week.Allah is the one who controls the hearts and it is from He whom we should ask for a good spouse.

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Muslims incorporate some major snags discovering love and sentiment.

All sins committed before coming to Islam are forgiven.

One who converts to Islam is totally reborn and starts with a clean record.

Muslims and Non-Muslims should reflect on the affection which Allah has created in the hearts of the two spouses It is amazing that two people may only have seen each other for just a few minutes prior to being married yet deep love and affection is instilled in their hearts for each other. However if we look at the uncivilized relationships in which people try so hard to get the right partner even doing what can be best described as test drives and not just with one women but many dozens of women.

Still the relationship or marriage fails in most cases.The next time I saw her was at a protest a few weeks later.