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" Every seat in the auditorium at the University of Houston was taken, and the crowd was standing in the back and spilling out into the lobby, straining to hear.

The two men onstage began to speak to the crowd in Arabic, with such flawless accents and rarefied Koranic grammar that some audience members gaped when they heard the Arabic equivalent of the king's English coming from the mouths of two Americans.

Russell was stopped by deputies on Sunday while driving south on US 1, but authorities did not indicate why he was pulled over, the Miami Herald reports.

Arthurs told investigators that all four men shared neo-Nazi beliefs prior to his conversion to Islam.

''This is the wealthiest Muslim community on earth,'' Mr. Shakir, 50, are using their clout to create the first Islamic seminary in the United States, where they hope to train a new generation of imams and scholars who can reconcile Islam and American culture.

Shakir told the crowd, quickly adding that ''the wealth here has been earned'' -- unlike, he said, in the oil-rich Middle East. Shakir's flattery, he chided them for buying Lexuses -- with heated leather seats they would never need in Houston -- and Jaguars, and made them laugh again by pronouncing it ''Jaguoooaah,'' like a stuffy Anglophile. '' Most American mosques import their clerics from overseas -- some who preach extremism, some who cannot speak English, and most who cannot begin to speak to young American Muslims growing up on hip-hop and in mixed-sex chat rooms. The seminary is still in its fledgling stages, but Mr. Shakir have gained a large following by being equally at home in Islamic tradition and modern American culture. Yusuf dazzles his audiences by weaving into one of his typical half-hour talks quotations from St. He is the host of a TV reality show that is popular in the Middle East, in which he takes a vanload of Arabs on a road trip across the United States to visit people who might challenge Arab stereotypes about Americans, like the antiwar protesters demonstrating outside the Republican National Convention. Shakir mixes passages from the Koran with a few lines of rap, and channels accents from ghetto to Valley Girl.

Arthurs then briefly held an employee and customers hostage at the nearby Green Planet Smoke Shop, where he boasted that he had just killed his roommates, “blasting their head” with a semi-automatic pistol. “I had to do it,” Arthurs said, according to the report.

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"I'm tired of putting up with her," Adam whines to his mom.

"Can't we give her away at a garage sale or something? Check out the Sound Vision website, where you'll find oodles of advice on everything from Islamic prenuptial agreements to seating arrangements for non-Muslim guests.

A man at wit's end with his wife spills out soap opera details of his troubles.

A woman on the verge of marriage asks whether French kissing is allowed.

When a wife denies sex to her husband, whether regularly or occasionally, he might seek his satisfaction elsewhere.

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