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09-Aug-2016 14:13

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Full Story British papers and blogs today are reporting that Natalie Portman and Gael Garcia Bernal have reunited, making out publicly in a London club last night. As I’ve reported all along, most recently on October 23rd, they’ve been back together for ALMOST A YEAR! Again – they rented a flat together in Toronto while she was shooting there in the Spring, she went to visit him in Argentina when he was shooting there in the Summer, and he was in Paris with her last month when she was in town for Fashion Week. And that part when they beat off together by the pool? For me though, even though Gael Garcia Bernal has always had more attention, for me it’s always been Diego.

His personal life and dating history have been majorly talked about by his fans around the world. And hearing Zach and Natalie talking…well I was a little concerned but after watching it a few more times I’m liking it a lot more. 28.48% (223 votes) Yes, because it makes me sleep easier. 23.37% (183 votes) Yes, all the recent evidence points to it. afterwards kaczman and milky needed to sneak me into the 0 a head charity party where i intended to track down miss padme and get my swerve on. 5 feet and one brick wall away from natalie portman.