Negima dating game

05-Mar-2017 13:14

I am thinking that if we assemble a decent team of artists/actionscripters/voice actors, we could create our own team and work on future projects together.

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showtopic=3575If one of the links don't work, tell me and I'll reupload :3Also yes, It's more like a visual novel : PEDIT: Just noticed our massive download thread doesn't have the OSTs from the first season, if you need them urgently I can upload them pretty much now if you'd like to.

I'm bad at finding things, but I'm sure Jolle can find it for you if you're lookin'. It'd be hidden throughout the game, only viewable through cheats, or at the very end of the game if you do everything right... I don't know how the destruction of the team happened, or why...