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We have practical experience in that throughout history we’ve shifted towards the volumes we do now and that practically every single good runner does a solid amount of mileage (with good intensity mixed in) and we have the theory of why mileage should work.

If we simply put crossfit endurance through the same kind of review we have: Research- short term studies on high intensity training shows improved VO2max and in some cases performance, but we have looked at why those don’t apply neatly already.

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I would recommend this before any other artist getting major exposure and radio play... So I guess I expected Christ centered hip hop from pigeon john solo project.anyone thats into underground hip hop with catchy hooks,beats,lyrics,singing pick this up.any one into gospel hip hop with Godly centered message this is not your guy..up lecrae,the rep,cross movement..other than that good album Pigeon John finally graces us with his sophomore effort, Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister.

For those of you who can't get enough of PJ, this second album scratches your itch.

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Secondly, the high volume of training leads to long term increases in efficiency.Best songs are #5 Emily (tearjerker), #2 Life Goes On (really like Abstract Rude on this one), #1 High School Reunion (catchy), and #11 Sam the Goat (original and humorous). J.'s different style but I think he would sound better w/ diff. Ok for the most this Cd is cool.beats lyrics and funny stuff...