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Set up three years ago to cater to what he calls ‘top influencers’, it was partly funded by members of the Saudi royal family.Members use the site to find a polo partner or to share reviews of the latest nightspot. Features include city guides, an event calendar and discussion forums.The ferry (Alilaguna) to Venice from the airport will be slightly more expensive than the bus but will be a far more scenic and exhilarating trip and is also more likely to get you a lot closer to your hotel.The ferry and bus terminals are clearly signposted at Marco Polo airport but make sure you get the right one for your hotel stop!Polo has been a mainstay in our lifestyle for many years and Villagers come out in large numbers to watch the matches.If youre looking for a fast-paced, exciting new sport to follow, we invite you to join us!Patrick Wardle, the director of Research at Synack and a former NASA and NSA employee, has devised an "attack" that enables malware to monitor a Mac and only record the video sessions when the webcam is in use.It is clever, because that is when you expect the little green indicator next to the webcam to be lit up.

Search-engine optimisation will get your page to the top of Google’s results, so it becomes the de facto source of information about you.

For the world’s jet-setters — accustomed to velvet ropes and VIP sections — sharing a virtual space with a few billion others can be alarming.

Thankfully a host of sites is stepping in to solve this #highclassproblem with a combination of invitation-only policies and rigorous vetting procedures. For the well-bred socialite Best of All Worlds Swedish count Erik Wachtmeister was hunting boar on the Bismarck family’s estate in northern Germany when he came up with the idea for A Small World (see below), and Stockholm-based Best of All Worlds was the next step.

Venice Marco Polo airport is named after the famous Venetian explorer and trader of the 13th and 14th centuries and whose house can still be viewed in the city.

Fisheyes TV, 53 Moss Street, Paisley, Scotland PA1 1DR IATA No. 761994094 Fisheyes Venice is part of the Fisheyes Group of travel and tourism web sites in Italy.

The bus will be the cheapest option but remember that all land services terminate at Piazzale Roma so unless your hotel is in easy proximity to here, you may want to consider getting the ferry directly from the airport as that’s what you’ll end up doing from Piazzale Roma anyway - and carrying heavy suitcases through Venice’ alleyways and over its bridges is an experience you will definitely want to avoid.