Portuguese dating etiquette

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When the meal is finished, the knife and fork are laid parallel to each other across the right side of the plate. The knife remains in the right hand, and the fork remains in the left. Depending upon how well developed your relationship is with your Portuguese colleagues, meals are generally not the time to make business decisions. Restaurants sometimes have the 15 percent tip already included on the bill. Allow the more senior members of your party to enter rooms ahead of you. Sometimes other circumstances determine the payee (such as rank). A 15 percent tip is usually sufficient in restaurants. Usually the one who does the inviting pays the bill.Life in Portugal revolves around the family and even in the 21st century, some traditions and ways of life remain unchanged, especially in rural areas.

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We want to hear the truth, not what you think we might like to hear.There may be several additional pieces of cutlery; if you're unsure of which utensil to use, always start from the outside and work your way in, course by course. There will be separate glasses provided at your setting for water and white and red wine (after-dinner drink glasses come out after dinner). Bread is usually served without butter (therefore, there usually will not be a butter knife, nor will there be a bread dish: bread is placed on the rim of your main plate or on the table by your plate). When not holding utensils, your hands should be visible. Keep your napkin visible, and when you are finished with the meal, fold it first before putting it down on the table. Portuguese greetings It is appropriate to shake hands with everyone present in formal situations, which generally means that you haven't met the person before; this applies to men, women and older children.

The handshake, whether at a social or business meeting, is accompanied by direct eye contact and the appropriate greeting. When greeting acquaintances and friends, men embrace and pat one another on the back, and women kiss both cheeks, starting with the right.The Portuguese people are traditional and conservative.