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There's the brown poodle puppy she adopted and named Ralph. Bernard on the cover of her new album, , which closes with a dog-themed song called "Man of the Hour." (Key lyric: "You never lie/And you don't cheat/You don't have any baggage tied/ To your four feet.") The tune ends with a cheerful "woof." "I just felt like my dog-ological clock was ticking," Jones, 30, says."I know a lot of girls my age who have gone through a similar thing recently, just really wanting a pet to take care of.She also began writing songs — but had no idea how to go about finding a band to re­cord them."Once I had a batch of songs that I was proud of, I thought, ' I like these, I should demo them up,'" she says.Last week Bright Eyes played seven shows in a row at New York's famed Town Hall.The performances were billed as guest-star studded spectacles -- music's favorite prodigy all grown up and onstage with a huge band and a slew of bold names -- and they didn't disappoint.

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It was certified Diamond, selling over 27 million copies.Norah Jones has substance - she's always had substance - both as an artist and as a person with a reputation for being one of the nicest people in the biz ( can confirm this). Sure, it’s no longer 2002, where you couldn’t walk into a Starbucks (do those still exist? Then it became about capturing the songs, seeing if it all worked, getting a great band and playing great music.) without hearing “Come Away With Me”, the title track off Norah's Grammy-sweepstakes first album. I wrote all the songs on piano, which was something I haven’t done much of, and I haven’t played this much piano in a really long time. Your music is very calming, even if it’s about more intense subject matter, it still has a relaxing quality.Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas.

While in high school, she sang in the school choir, participated in band, and played the alto saxophone.GQ caught up with Grammy-winning singer songwriter Norah Jones ahead of the release of “Day Breaks”, an album that will remind you of her 2002 debut album "Come Away With Me" which has sold in excess of 26 million copies.