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29-Jun-2017 05:38

Smfh.” Could that be not so subtle shade directed at Fetty Wap’s on-again, off-again girlfriend and sex tape co-star Alexis Sky? UPDATE: Masika did have something to say about Alexis Sky saying she was an “old ass b—h” and Fetty’s “one-night-stand.” She posted a picture of Fetty with their daughter Khari Barbie with the simple (but damn she’s saying so much more) caption, “mood.” LOL. Masika isn’t dragging her baby’s father for the sex tape though and made it clear to any of her fans or haters that she’s not going to put her BD down on their timelines. Like, that b—h is just mad because she wants to be with Fetty and he don’t want her. She’s mad that he exposed her nationally on TV and she’s just trying to make herself relevant. I’m 22, like you had the opportunity to do these things and you didn’t. Cùng lướt qua bộ ảnh sex em gái mu to hồng quá khổ này cùng tophinh bạn nhé, tại đây bạn sẽ được ngắm nhìn các cô gái địt nhau như trong các bộ phim sex nóng ly kỳ bóng bẩy khác.Hình anh sex cô em gái cứ nằm yên đó và đưa cái lồn của mình ra cho cậu bạn trai dùng đồ chơi tình dục quá cỡ mà đâm mạnh vào lồn em, suýt chút xíu nữa thôi có thể em ngất xỉu rồi, nhưng qua cái giai đoạn đó thì cảm giác sung sướng vô cùng khi nó đã chạm phải điểm G tận sâu trong lỗ âm đạo đầy dịch nhờn của em.“If he wants to contact me, he knows how to call me. The letter clearly places the blame on Fetty for the leaked video. That’s my homie, but I did have a little crush on him while I was in my relationship.” Then, at the mark, Skyy explains she has no interest in fixing her past relationship with Fetty. To think SOMEBODY would want to expose my personal life with the world is so disgusting but I have faith in Gods work & I know I’m covered!

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