Steve ward dating book

07-Dec-2016 05:41

Once you connect with a man who interests you, the goal is to make plans to see him again with the intention of dating -- or, at the very least, to speak again soon.

This requires exchanging contact information and being proactive.

It's the time when you are supposed to learn more about him, but also -- and equally important -- it's when he can learn about you so you can both determine if there is a connection. To harness and generate love, the connection must flow both ways.

Ward is a professional matchmaker and CEO of Master Matchmakers, a Philadelphia-based matchmaking firm.

Just as they dish out their tough love on the show, the authors explain how to flirt with a purpose, set up a date, turn a spark into a lasting connection, manage relationship fears, bounce back from rejection, and much more. Right to keeping him around once he’s been snagged, the fresh and innovative advice in Crash Course in Love will transform love lives everywhere.

If you won't date guys older than you, don't expect younger guys to want to date you. I think the Wards have very realistic view of dating and their advice seems up to date and true. Steve Ward is the host of the hit VH1 reality show Tough Love and CEO of Master Matchmakers, an exclusive matchmaking service founded by his mother, Jo Ann.